Annpaige Consulting is the birth child of founder Melanie Vance. Melanie has always had a love for fashion ever since she was a child and could be found making clothes for her barbies. With a degree in Fashion Design -from George Brown college in Toronto – and over 10 years of styling experience Melanie has made it her mission to help others with their wardrobe and styling needs.

What sets Annpaige Consulting apart from other consultants and firms is Melanie’s relentless passion for making others happy. We work together to make you the best version of yourself and to provide you with everything that you need to not only look good, but also to walk away with a new found confidence in yourself. To walk away with the tools required to build and maintain the wardrobe you need to get that new job, nail your next presentation or shine at your next event!

Let us help you redesign your wardrobe and redesign your life!